Akhenaten And Aten: The Creation Of God

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Akhenaten was a devoted man that put all of his faith in the god Aten, who was the god of the sun disk. The pharaoh was originally known as Amenhotep the fourth but changed his name to Akhenaten, which meant “He who serves Aten.” Akhenaten was a strong believer in his god that having another gods name in his name was unacceptable to him. After the pharaoh fully devoted himself to his god, he tried to bring other people in worshipping Aten by developing a temple at Thebes. Although, people’s faith in their gods was much stronger and they refused to worship Aten, Akhenaten did not give up. “He disbanded the priesthood of all gods except Aten; halted the worship in their temples; and he tried to annihilate their memory by erasing their name and

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