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Akhenaten was born in Thebes, Egypt 1380. He was the second oldest child in the family, he became pharaoh of Egypt because his older brother died at a young age however when he was born his family didn’t like the way he looked scientists say that he suffered Froehlich syndrome and marfans syndrome these two diseases effected his looks having major features long/oversized. So they excluded him from all the festivals and all the parties because he didn’t fit in the family. From all the drama Akhenaten’s mum thought that it wasn’t fair so she chose Akhenaten to become pharaoh of Egypt. because he was the pharaoh of Egypt he wanted to start a new life his significance was starting a new religion called Aten the son god and named his name after the son god. Different from his previous name Amenhotep|| with Amen the magnificent god. He also started a new capital city called Akhetaton (Which is now called Amarna) meaning place of Aten’s power.
In construction of the new city Akhenaten had a lesser wife called queen Kiya. Akhenaten had two sons with queen kiya, Tutankhamun (The world’s most famous Egyptian pharaoh) and smenkhare. Then he married queen Nefertiti and had six daughters, ankhsenamun, meketaton, ankhenspaaten, neferneferure ,setepenre, and meritaten
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It caused a war with Akhenaten and some other cities. When Akhenaten and Nefertiti died all the pharaohs decided to wreck and damage the city including their properties and arts and people moved back to their original religions and places. This all started by Tutuakhanum (Which his previous name was tutakatut) and smenkhare. Soon tutakhanum became pharaoh at the age of just nine years old because he was older than smenkhare. Since he was pharaoh he decided to change everything from what his father was expecting. He changed the capital from Akhetaton to Memphis and forced to people to live somewhere
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