Akhenaten: The Great Hymn To The Aten

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Akhenaten Akhenaten was one brilliant man. He is a very accomplished man. He was a Pharaoh of Egypt. He made his works of literature exciting. Read this to see why he became a writer. Akhenaten a Pharaoh in Egypt wrote a story that reflects on his rebellion, personal life, and how he ruled Egypt especially in The Great Hymn to the Aten. Akhenaten’s rebellion against Egyptian culture was one of the main reasons he wrote The Great Hymn to the Aten. At the time when Akhenaten ruled Egypt worshiped many different gods but Akhenaten only wanted to worship one god. The one he worshiped was the sun god Re. Akhenaten renamed the sun god Re to Am-Re. Some people said he was a disgrace to Egypt and to his family. His name given to him at birth was…show more content…
Akhenaten was not the right era to the throne. He had an older brother Netiffi that died from infection. Akhenaten was raised by Amenhotep III and Queen Tiyee. Akhenaten was raised in a very high status and had great wealth. Everyone in Egypt knew who him and his family. Akhenaten could never get out of the spot light. Akhenaten became Pharaoh after his father died. His father died at a young age. Akhenaten was a young ruler as well. The Egyptian thought he would run Egypt into the ground and he would be a bad leader. In his works he talked about how how he ruled Egypt. Akhenaten talked about how he became the ruler of Egypt in his works of literature. Eygptians thought Akhenaten was going to be a really bad ruler but he ruled during the peak of Egypt's wealth. Akhenaten helped Egypt become as wealthy as they were. Akhenaten moved to Thebes so he could rule the way he wanted. He only wanted to worship one god. He changed Egypt from a polytheism country to a mono theism country. Akhenaten use to worship many of the egyptian gods and he only liked to worship the sun god Re. He changed it to Am- Re. He believed that Am- Re would be the most beneficial for him in the
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