Aki Incident Case Study

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Thank you Mrs. Stephanie Smeltzer, for providing the team with the recent incident of Aki.
To the school and treatment team, as Aki is receiving OPT/TSF services through New Behavioral Network in his school and family session (only provided by his Therapeutic Support for Families (TSF) worker) on Thursday due to his foster mother’s availability. It is noted, Aki has started to display more frequent aggressive behaviors in his classroom which has been observed by his TSF worker along with school officials, to which the Aki’s behaviors has become a concern as it is putting others at risk of his tantrums as his exhibiting behaviors of throwing objects which last for a period of 2 hours.
Therefore, while speaking to my Clinical Supervisor Jamy
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Unfortunately, Aki is also displaying paranoid (delusions and hallucinations) behaviors that results in aggressive and tantrum behaviors that he is unable to control which is a risk to self and others.
And so, I have attached a safety plan for Aki in case of emergency, which states, When Aki is displaying aggressive behavior, he is to be removed from the trigger area to allow him to calm down, if Aki is unwilling to leave the area, redirect him into an activity to de-escalate the unwanted behavior. If both intervention are presented and Aki continues to display aggressive behavior, a call to his Mobile Therapist is needed as the he is in a crisis. In addition, if the Aki’s tantrum last more than 30 minutes, then a call to his Mobile Therapist is needed to help provide immediate response and/or intervention support. If I am unable to respond to the school for support during a crisis (Thursday I am unavailable), I would assist the school on interventions and/or place a call to CPR for a crisis intervention.
I hope this information help all involved and if you have any questions, please respond immediately. As, I want to ensure everyone is implementing the same response to his treatment as

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