Al-Aswany's The Yacoubian Building Essay

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The Yacoubian Building Analysis In Al-Aswany’s novel, The Yacoubian Building, post-colonial Egypt is explored by several different characters that embody the spectrum of demographics concerning social class, wealth, gender, and politics. These demographics within the characters are not mutually exclusive. In the instance of Taha and Busayna, who, while initially intertwined, relate to one another through their mutual feelings of lack of social and economic adequacy in their country. Both have college degrees and high test scores, but are denied meaningful employment. While Busayna’s path follows its own course, Taha delves into the world of militant ideological resistance. The comparison made between Taha and Busayna, as well as the rest of the characters of the novel, is meant to illustrate that the Yacoubian Building depicts a diverse spectrum of characters that often overlap in their struggles during the era of mass society in the Middle East. Through Busayna and Taha, Al-Aswany demonstrates the struggle for economic success of its citizens. In Egypt, and the Middle East in…show more content…
Busayna talks to Zaki Bey on multiple instances about the lack of equity in Egypt, and the wave of stagnation experienced by the Middle and Lower Classes. Zaki Bey fails to relate to Busayna when they converse because he is of the wealthier class, and she clearly states her contempt for Egypt. Zaki Bey does not feel the issues of employment and low economic progress for the average citizen as he is insulated from economic struggle. His ignorance to the plight of the Middle Class illustrates, to an extent, the greater issues in the Middle East— such as authoritarian leaders failing to comprehend the true needs and economic struggles of the average person. The Upper Class was insulated from the lower classes in terms of issues and
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