Al Capone: A Brief Biography

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Al Capone was born on January 17th 1899 in Brooklyn New York. His parents Gabriele and Teresina Capone where Italian Immigrants who earned humble livings. His Father a Barber and his Mother a Seamstress. As a child Al Capone was a very promising student but often had trouble with keeping the rules at a very prestigious Catholic Institution. Eventually leading to him being expelled for hitting his female teacher in 6th Grade. After being expelled in 6th grade he decided to drop out of school. During this time Capone started to also joined a street gang called the South Brooklyn Rippers and then later on the Five Point Juniors. During this time, he was able to make association with Johnny Torrio who would later become his boss and his mentor.…show more content…
His parents had immigrated to New York from Italy. His Father was a very educated man and earned his living as a Barber. While his mother helped support the family as a Seamstress. (Haven’t finished it don’t really know where to take…show more content…
Torrio was running a gambling operation near the Capone’s home. Torrio had hired Capone to run small errands for him here and there. By doing this they built a bond and trust between each other that would then be used to help benefit them in their days in Chicago. In 1909 however Torrio left New York to Chicago. After he left to Chicago, Al started to pursue legiminate employment in New York. He worked as a paper cutter. During this time Al participated in very little gang activity. He was known to do a little here and there but resulted in very little violence and was said to only get scratched up a couple of times. However, “In 1917, Torrio introduced Capone to the gangster Frankie Yale, who employed Capone as bartender and bouncer at the Harvard Inn in Coney Island. It was there that Capone earned his nickname “Scarface.” One night, he made an indecent remark to a woman at the bar. Her brother punched Capone, then slashed him across the face, leaving three indelible scars that inspired his enduring nickname.” ( Staff 2009) Soon after this Al would have a life changing event happen in his life. His Girlfriend Mae Coughlin would birth there first son Albert Francis Capone. This then led them to get

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