Al Capone: America's Multiple Crimes

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During the 1920s multiple criminal activities were taking place and the majority of illegal activity was due to the eighteenth amendment which prohibited the selling and manufacture of alcohol. Illegal activity that took place was bootlegging and the establishment of speakeasies. With criminal activity on the rise, a major criminal behind many illegal activities at the time was Al Capone. In addition, the Mafia rose with gambling, bootlegging, and illegal marketing. After World War II, Congress submitted the eighteenth amendment. The eighteenth amendment consisted of the banning of selling or manufacturing alcohol. The eighteenth amendment was passed in January 29,1919 after the approval of thirty-six states. Along with the eighteenth amendment…show more content…
Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York. Al Capone was developing a reputation of fear while he was working for Johnny Torrio in Chicago in the Colosimo mob which contributed to bootlegging. Al Capone gained intelligence and experience through being the Johnny’s right hand man. When Johnny Torrio died in 1925 Al Capone became the boss of the mob. Al Capone soon became part of the Five Families in New York which consisted of crime families. Al Capone also gave a rise to gambling, bootlegging, prostitution, drug trafficking, theft, and murder (FBI.). Al Capone would bribe Chicago government and city officials in order to live a wealthy life. Rival gangs in the North of New York attempted many times to take Al Capone’s life which made Al Capone get a car with bullet proof windows. In addition Al Capone kept his home guarded 24/7 ("Top 10 Infamous American Gangsters & Mobsters). As a way of retaliation against the gangs who attempted his life he fought back on Valentine’s Day in 1929. This date marks a massacre that occurred which raised violence in the Chicago area, this day was known as St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. Many accused Capone’s mob as the ones who began the massacre although Al Capone was in Florida leaving him out of suspicion. Al Capone dates to be in court would change continuously due to the fact that Al Capone had a medical condition which prohibited Al Capone from traveling from Florida, where he was currently at, to Chicago. Two months after March 27 when Al Capone was released from contempt of the court he was arrested with possession of concealed weapons. Later, Al Capone was charged for tax evasion
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