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Al Capone Mobsters was a term that describes a group of gangsters in the 1920’s. Gambling, Prostitution, and Murder went hand in hand with the term of mobster. Every mafia group has a leader. Al Capone was a dangerous mobster who was a Mafia crime lord and had took part in illegal alcohol, illegal drugs, prostitution, and illegal gambling during the 1920s (History). Al Capone didn 't start off in nice well made home as a boy, young Capone had lived with his family in a very poor tenement, with his 8 other siblings and his parents. He was an immigrant from Austria-Hungary, and he was born on January 17, 1899. Young Capone was a promising student with good grades but eventually he started falling back on his grades with in effect made him have to repeat the sixth grade. It…show more content…
Al Capone’s crime boss “ Torrio” was the one who had mainly influenced Al Capone into the life of crime in the city of chicago and had “Torrio taught Capone the importance of maintaining a respectable front while running a racketeering business” (History) , After some time Torrio had made Al Capone his second, his “right-hand man”. Al Capone had done many different crimes around the city of chicago with had made his name more popular and notorious around the city, mostly including bootlegging, prostitution and gambling. Al Capone was very much aware of gang war over territories in chicago, so he would often negotiate with rival gangs for territory. Later on one day his boss Torrio was returning back from a shopping trip from the market and was ambushed and had got shot several times. Soon after that Torrio was frightened and worried about another assassination attempt on his life would happen again, so he had made Al Capone the boss of the gang and had put Capone in control of the operations, while he had fled Chicago and went off to live his life somewhere else.

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