Al Capone Biography Essay

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Al Capone was so good at what he did the U.S.A government confiscated his cadillac and used it as a president’s limousine. Al Capone was an American Gangster that thrived in the 1920s and 30s that changed the way people look at gangsters in American History. Al Capone made huge impacts now and then, making huge profits and dead bodies while making a future for himself in Hollywood.

Al Capone was forged by the people he met and his misuse in his actions. Al Capone was a good student but he often got punished by his teacher for misbehaving, then one day he hit back and got expelled. Shortly after he got involved in illegal activities and met Johnny Torrio. They later became friends/partners and saw a golden opportunity in using the 18th Amendment(ilegalizing alcohol) to gain massive profit in bootlegging it.”In 1925, Capone became boss when Torrio, seriously wounded in an assassination attempt, surrendered control and retired to Brooklyn.”( leaving Torrio gives him advice not to make the business to big and to stay local. Capone ignored his mentor/friend’s advice and lived the high life and making a huge fortune making himself known throughout the country. Al Capone met the right people to become the man he is and gained a
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The Untouchables was about American Gangsters. The movie portrayed Al Capone as a roughneck who likes to think of himself as a upper class cuban cigar type, then shows you what he really was a ruthless killer. There are also references in 5 start tv shows like Breaking Bad when Gilligan says ”Something of a modern day St.Valentines massacre”. Lastly many documentaries are being made like Al Capone:Icon that are showing their beliefs in Al Capone in their own way depicting him as a hero fighting the prohibition or a cold blooded killer. Capone legacy in being a ruthless killer lived on past his death in movies and books inspired by his life “Public Enemy Number
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