Al Capone Chapter Summary

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The 1920’s was a time period of change and a view of a better America. People for all over enjoyed the 20’s for it fashion increase, wealth and power. One of the many groups of people who enjoyed it was the gang and gangsters of the United States. Specifically al Capone a man born in new York, born in a gangster family to continue his life style.
Who was al Capone? A man who was born in 1899 in Brooklyn, New York to a poor family of immigrant. Capone becomes the most infamous gangster in America history. In 1920 during the era of prohibition, he accumulated million of dollars in Chicago. By operating in bootlegging and prostitution as well as gambling and organized crime. He was responsible for many of the brutal acts of violence against other gangsters. The most well known famous massacre happened on st
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And he’s response to his violence, and interest of making money all the time. By bootlegging, brothels and other illegal things. In this book it is said he is very skillful, however nothing is seen as enforced to this ideas. Which lead to the detailed attacks he made against his rivals, the chapter details the killings we did to stay in power. At the end of the book, it continues by detailing his trail and his reasoning of going to jail in Alcatraz. And ends at his release and death.
Conclusion: the overall idea behind capone was to make sure people knew he was the best gangster ever known in the 1920’s. And to show what was happening to the many gangs we had in the United States. One of many which was capone, his story was one of many. However he was the man who made more power and wealth during this time. Capone like many gangsters was highly seen during this time because of the growth of the 1920’s. Many thing increase and were seen differently during the era of change for America. In which one of many were the increase of violence, power and money by the
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