Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, And Legend?

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Al Capone: His Life, Legacy, and Legend is an intensely detailed biography about the infamous man who, by illegal means ran the city of Chicago throughout the decade known as the “roaring 20s”. The account begins by telling the story of Al’s parents, and how they immigrated to Brooklyn in 1895. A large influx of immigrants entered through Ellis Island in search of a better life and the Capone’s were no anomaly. Using vast amounts of detail, the author explains Mr. Capone’s stardom and his rise to infamy with a behind the scenes perspective. This novel, shows the human side of Al that is not commonly discussed. The story explains the chain of events that led to organized crime in the United States, and how unprepared our government was to battle it. Anyone who has been interested in mob bosses and how they run the show would enjoy this book. Readers with a sharp eye for detail would love the author’s captivating amount of facts stuffed into this thriller novel. Perhaps people who grew up in Chicago or the suburbs of Cicero would enjoy looking into the past, that left their towns and cities changed forever. On January 17th, 1899, Alphonse Capone was born to Gabriel and Teresa Capone. Being born into the rough streets of Brooklyn, his family worked hard to make ends meet as his father owned a barbershop and his mother sewed on the side. Despite the tradition of Italian immigrants, being for young men to drop out at the earliest opportunity and work for wages as contribution

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