Al Capone Leadership Essay

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Entrance into Leadership Capone entered into the gang life at an early age under Torrio, but he did not immediately rise to power. As people do in the workforce, he struggled and clawed his way to the top after putting in countless hours doing the work for Torrio that he would later have others do for himself. At 19, he married his baby’s mother, Mae Coughlin, and moved to Baltimore with a vow to make a good life for he and his family. After his father unexpectedly died, however, he relocated to Chicago in 1920 and became reunited with his former boss, Johnny Torrio (“Al Capone,” Torrio had become fairly successful within the gambling and prostitution businesses, but after the 18th was passed, outlawing the sale and consumption of alcohol, Torrio saw a more promising opportunity, however, Torrio abandoned his organization when he was almost killed in an assassination attempt in 1925 (“Al Capone,” This is the moment when Capone realized that he had an opportunity to take over where Torrio had left off and capitalize on the opportunities just begging to taken advantage of, and thus where his infamous legacy truly begins. Evasion from the Law Capone moved his operation to Cicero, an area on the outskirts of Chicago, after being pressured by Chicago law enforcement,…show more content…
This public popularity helped him for a long time as he found his niche in society and therefore the public did not want him to be caught. It was very much the government working against Capone and the people of Chicago, and the government was at the losing end. As long as Capone was filling a public need, then the majority of the public saw no reason for him to go to prison. He was also a celebrity of sorts, the press following his every move in a paparazzi-like

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