Al Capone Research Paper

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Al Capone Alphonse Gabriel Capone was an american gangster who lived from 1899-1947. His father was Gabriel Capone, and his mother was Teresa Capone. They were Italian, and immigrated to USA in 1893. Al Capone was born and raised in Brooklyn. His father was a barber, and worked at a barber shop at 29 Park Avenue. He had eight siblings, Vincenzo Capone, Raffaele James Capone, AKA Ralph "Bottles" Capone, Salvatore "Frank" Capone, Ermina Capone, who died at the age of one, Ermino "John" Capone, Albert Capone, Matthew Capone, and Mafalda Capone. Capone was a promising student, but he was thrown out of school when he was in sixth grade. He had punched his teacher in the face. Later he was beaten up by the principal. He wanted to be a successful…show more content…
Capone made himself win the city council election, so it was difficult for NSG to target him. Their leader Hymie Weiss wanted revenge for O'Banion's death. Capone's driver was found tortured and dead. There was an attempt to kill Weiss in the Chicago loop. On September 20, 1962 NSG used a ploy outside the headquarters of Capone. Their aim was to draw Capone to the windows. They started shooting from several cars outside. Capone was unharmed. Three weeks later Weiss was found dead outside the same flower shop as O'Banion was killed. Capone had a successful criminal career. But his downfall started on The Saint Valentine Massacre. This was an attempt to kill the new leader of NSG, Bugs Moran. Capone rented an apartment across the road of NSGs headquarters to see all their movements, and habits. Lookouts signaled for gunmen disguised as police to start an attack on the building. They lined up seven victims in front of a wall and gunned them down. Capone was arrested many times after this incident. In 1931 he was sentenced to eleven years in prison for tax evasion. He had a hard time in prison. He wasn't himself there, and he was stabbed by a fellow inmate. His last year in prison was in the hospital. He was realised November 16 1939. Capone had many problems later in his life, such as a stroke. He died January 25 1947 from cardiac
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