Al Capone: The Chicago Gangster

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Al Capone, Chicago gangster, killed many people and was never caught for his mob crimes, but he went to the most maximum security prison in the United States for tax evasion. Al Capone started getting involved with criminal activitiess at a young age and got into a gang activity.
Al Capone started doing bad stuff when he was young but it wasn’t very large compared to what he would do as a adult.. And-not supposed to start sentence with and he was also involved with some gang activity (MacNee, 1998). What did Al Capone started doing at a young age? The gang he was affiliated with at the time; the gang leader had a bar and which Al Capone went and worked at. What made Al Capone the leader of the Chicago outfit? Al Capone was given the Chicago
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He helped pay for other people’s hospital bills because he was almost killed by a drive by which made other people injured. Who is the villain supposed to be in the Dick Tracy comics? Al Capone was an icon for most people and which he was in the comic. People in Chicago liked him and which it helped by putting him in movies and tv shows. And he was very well known. What almost happens to Dick Tracy many times? Al Capone is a criminal and which he is in the comic to. And the it shows all of the guns and shootings and everything that really happens in that time period. The comic also shows how things really went on, and how popular this comic is and the stuff they do. Al Capone is a big person of the at the time (Young,…show more content…
What put Al Capone in jail? What put him in jail was tax evasion not killing anyone or robbing anyone. He had to pay lots of money he got fined 50,000 dollars and the court fees were 7,692 dollars. And on top of that all he had to pay back those taxes which was 215,000 dollars. And then he went to jail. What else did he go to jail for a short time? So Al Capone and his bodyguard got themselves put in jail for having guns on them. But was lucky enough and was sent free earlier because he had good behavior. And the sentence that was made was for a whole year (FBI, 2001). Why Al Capone should be set free? Al Capone should be sent free is what his lawyers think. Because they think that they didn’t give a specific charge. But of course the government agents think he is guilty. But it was not very fair to Al Capone. Who was the first to go to court? To find Al Capone guilty it took them many and many times. But his brother it only took them a little bit to find him. And they had a lot of evidence to crack the case (Trespacz,
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