Al Capone Thesis Statement

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Al Capone and His Criminal Lifestyle

Write your thesis statement in one paragraph.
Al Capone shows an example of the social process theory. Al was arrested for tax evasion. Apparently back in the day the FBI could not arrest Al for prohibition violations, and the murdering of seven gangland members. He came from an Italian background in poverty. It is very possible the reasoning behind his criminal actions was because he was raised in poverty and was uneducated. His environment, schooling, and the people that he surrounded himself with triggered his future endeavors.
Briefly describe the convicted criminal you have chosen to research in narrative format.
Al Capone was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1899. His parents were Italian immigrants that had a good standing reputation in the states. Later in life, Al was raised in a poverty level environment and was majorly influenced by Johnny
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Al Capone was influenced by gang affiliated members and he was uneducated to choose better. He left school because he felt they were too strict on him. He did not take well to stern authority. Leaving school so early caused him to feel lost. He was accepted by gangsters.
Social process theory goes well with Al Capone because of his interactions with certain particular people, his living in poverty, and being uneducated. These particular people influenced his choices into a life of crime. Most of his charges revolved around him running an illegal empire for so long. His series of life choices and his temper led him to his long term in jail. He was successful for a long period of time illegally and it caught up to him in the long run. “You can get much further with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone” (Al
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