Al Capone Vs Alcatraz

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require their own head count with time reserved to shower, and change and personal things like that.(" Alcatraz") If prisoners refused to do these activities they would be sent to solitary confinement where they could spend up to a week.( "Alcatraz")Prisoners had to do all of these activities in one day and repeat them every day.("Alcatraz")
Al Capone, a famous inmate of Alcatraz started his life of crime at a young age.
("Alcatraz") Al Capone was raised on the rough side of Brooklyn. He got started with small crimes, like robbery and theft. Then later when Capone was around the age of 20 he moved to Chicago so he could manage his nightclub. ("Alcatraz") Al became a rich man very quickly. Between his nightclub and his crimes, he earned over
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