Case Study: Al Di Foods

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Short-Term Plans
The short-term plans of Al Di Foods are something it wants to do in the near future. The near future can mean today, this week, this month, or even this year. A short-term plan is something the business wants to accomplish soon (MyMnCareers, n.d.).
Establish Customer Base
Al Di Foods will analyze and capitalize on its customer's buying trends. In order for the business to thrive, it needs to find the right customers. Aside from selling to the appropriate customers, Al Di Foods will also find the right way to convert its audience to customers. Identifying customer buying habits is an essential part of marketing and growing the business. Figuring out why customers buy our products is the first step in increasing our sales.
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Al Di Foods must know not only its product's features, but also its advantages―how they benefit its customers. That means being constantly aware of new trends that affect its products, especially new technology. For instance, Al Di Foods offers a variety of tea products. Tea is not only a comforting and pleasant beverage; it also has remarkable healing properties. This is one of the benefits of the products of Al Di Foods. In addition, Al Di Foods also constantly innovates its products. For example, it currently launched a new tea product in the market, the turmeric, ginger, lemongrass tea with moringa, gotu kola, pandan, and guyabano. This is one of its competitive advantages. Another step in describing Al Di Foods’ competitive advantage is establishing its customer base as mentioned previously. Al Di Foods has to know exactly who buys its products, and how the business can make their life better. That is how it can create demand, the driver of all economic growth. Lastly, Al Di Foods has a lot of direct and indirect competitors. Tea is offered widely around the world. Some of its competitors are Yamang Bukid, Healtea, and Ruzyl’s. Aside from that, it also has indirect competitors such as coffee companies and many…show more content…
It will provide the business with insights that it can use to improve its business, product, and overall customer experience. The business will analyze the results of the customer feedback forms and use these throughout the product development process to ensure that the end products are something that solves customers’ problems and fulfills their needs. Al Di Foods will do its best at creating and innovating products that meet its customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. The business will intertwine product development and customer feedback in order to reap strong competitive advantages, have sticky customer loyalty, and earn raving customer advocates. Customer feedback surveys will also help Al Di Foods in measuring customer satisfaction. This will help the business in determining whether its products meet or surpass customer expectations. Al Di Foods will do its survey in person, via email, and on its website. The survey will include rating-based questions in measuring customer satisfaction in order to track and monitor how happy (or unhappy) its customers are over time. In order to encourage the customers in responding to the survey, Al Di Foods will have monthly drawings for free products or discounts on future purchases for customers who take the time to

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