Al Ghazali's Theories Of Modern Psychology

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An Essay on Similarities and Differences between Al-Ghazali’s Theories related to Psychology and Theories of Modern Psychology Leyla Esendemir 140101080 Sudenur Güngör 150101011 Süleyman Şah University PSY-112 History of Psychology May, 22, 2016 Introduction The paper aims to contribute a better understanding of contributions of early psychology from Islamic context to modern psychology and applying the materials learned in History of Psychology course.In accordance with this purpose, the study deals with an critical thinking perspective to understand differences and similarities between theories of Al-Ghazali as a scholar of early psychology from the Islamic context and theories of modern psychology. This paper consists of three parts such as Al-Ghazali 's biography part in which we briefly talked about his education, social life and (2)Al-Ghazali 's theories part including outline his theories, comparison with theories of Modern Psychology. Besides, we read many articles related to studies of Al-Ghazali and evaluated concepts,theories that we learnt from those articles. In that sense, when we tried to find similarities or differences among theories, we gave an importance on sharing our subjective ideas,reflections. Finally the conclusion part of this study summarizes what we learnt. Al-Ghazali’s Biography Abu Hamid Muhammad bin Muhammad bin Ahmad al-Ghazali al-Tusi al-Shafi‘i was born in 450AH in Iran. He is also known as al-Ghazali. Al-Ghazali is a

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