Al Gore: An Argument On Climate Change

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As climate change becomes a bigger issue, many individuals find themselves terrified at the thought of a destroyed, uninhabitable earth. These fearful emotions often lead to bleak outlooks on the future, causing people lose hope in the human race’s ability to improve. To combat this, head of the Climate Reality Project, Al Gore, gave a lecture at TED2016 on why people need to be optimistic about climate change. In this lecture, Al Gore makes an effective argument for a positive environmental outlook by supporting his talk with facts that appeal to the audience 's emotions, while also demonstrating his credibility.
Al Gore begins his talk with a bit of humor to lighten the mood. He explains, “I was excited to be a part of the ‘Dream’ [section], and then I found out I 'm leading off the ‘Nightmare?’ section of it” (Gore). Here, he is referencing peoples already negative stigma towards climate issues, as his talk was classified as a “nightmare” on the event’s line up only because of its topic of focus. He continues to say, “And certainly there are things about the climate crisis that qualify. And I have some bad news, but I have a lot more good news. (Gore).” By slipping all of this meaningful information about his argument in something somewhat humorous, he engages the audience and makes them more likely to agree with his future statements. Humor alleviates stress and lowers people’s guard, thus making them more likely to be persuaded. The strong introduction he gives here

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