Al Gore's Rhetorical Analysis

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Al Gore has been pitching global warming for many years. The solvency argument of global warming and climate change has been a debated topic in many scientific and environmental protection communities since before Al Gore started his persuasion appeals. The first time I heard Al Gore speak on global warming was in 1994, during his Vice Presidency. While watching the video I couldn’t help but think of how credible Al Gore is in his audiences’ eyes. His ethos cues come full score, his physical character; tall, and handsome (depending on who you talk to) gives rise to his likability. He uses words almost everyone can understand, and his verbal and non-verbal cues are perfectly orchestrated on stage. Al Gores ethical character in his solvency…show more content…
Stoda, (2012), “Aruged cases constructed from “head” rationality that are loaded with forms of scientific evidence can effectively target solvency issues (p. 170). Throughout Al Gore’s appeal, he used graphic slides that showed, statistics and data collected for various places, even the television company Current TV, that Mr. Gore has shares in, did a world wide contest for commercials on how to bring across urgency in the viewers. I do have to ad Current TV did this contest Pro-Bono, which Al Gore mentioned, this statement gives the perception of the backing of another big company, lending more credibility to the solvency argument. In my opinion Al Gore did a good job of pitching his agenda, and trying to create an attitude change in people. Most people’s aptitude toward global warming is low and Al Gores credibility as I stated above is high, ethos and pathos might than trigger mindless psychological reactions in persuaders. Even with those whose latitude of rejection is high might have found a common ground with his argument and possible switched to a latitude of non-commitment, hearing the argument enough or with a little more evidence the mental state can completely shift to
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