Al Mills 'Chukwocha's' Why I Write

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“I write… For youth who hide inside when the teacher ask for volunteers to read out aloud” as I read this line my heart skipped a beat because I know that feeling to well. This line alone sucked me in, I knew I had chosen the perfect poem. As I read this poem by Al Mills my feeling grew deeper and more complicated as the words developed onto the page. Addressing so many issues, and stereotypes that are within our community. It just so happens I read this on a day where I didn’t know if I would make it thru this long journey of school to fight for change in my community. But Al ‘s words proved me to continue. Missing fathers were mentioned multiple times in this poem. “Fathers unaccounted missing hours”, “the little girls who don’t know their…show more content…
I could go on about this topic for a while, with that said I will be short and sweet. From Zero tolerance policys to mass incarnation our system is broken. People of color are the main victims of this problem. Nnamdi Chukwocha’s “Why I Write” was just as intriguing as Al’s. Although similar in topic it was if Nnamdi was talking to those outside of the community. “The ones you pass by and don’t even speak then you have the nerve to go home and write poem about them so I ask you why do you write?”. This line is so matter of fact. It is packed with passion and frustration that you can actually feel. As you continue to read you get more into his life and many of the issues mentioned in the Al’s “Why I write”. These two writers are actually twin brothers. Although their styles are very similar they also contain many difference. The rhythm, and the peaking points peeking points just to name a few. Even though I had an excessive amount to say about Al’s poem I truly loved them both. I look forward to finding more of their work. To me the reason why they write are the reasons why I
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