Al Qaeda Pros And Cons

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Has Al Qaeda become a problem in the United States today? Does the United States need to do something to stop Al Qaeda? Many U.S. Citizens think that all types of terrorist should be killed, then we wouldn 't have to worry about them anymore. The U.S. Policy on Terrorism has spread terrorism instead of containing it. These are some of the cons on the U.S. Policy on terrorism. "However, Americas counter terrorism policy has given Al Qaeda hope for short term and if we continue that Policy, it may well assist them in their ultimate goal of establishing a hegemonic caliphate in the Muslim world"(Smith). The counter Terrorism Policy is giving Al Qaeda extra time to plan an attack. People are saying that the counter terrorism policy is helping the U.S., but it 's really not. "In fact there have been more terrorist attacks worldwide in the four years since September eleventh than in the four years prior"(Meehan). Which means, The U.S. Policy has just made terrorism worse. There have been sixty or more terrorist attacks since 9/11. The U.S. Is giving terrorist to much time to come up with a plan for another attack then act apon it. The United States has unused too much great knowledge…show more content…
These are some concerns about Al Qaeda and what they will do next. "He noted that the United States did not have a broad, integrated plan to stop the next generation of terrorist and that the United States was putting relatively little effort in to a long range plan"(Meehan). The United States needs to get a plan together to stop the next generation of terrorist (which will be meaner than these). "Also at the same time, because of our choice of military confrontation, the nature of the threat that we have faced has changed"(Smith). Which means, The United States hasn 't chosen the best ways to go about thing at times. They also need to change the way they go about doing certain things. The United States might need to Change the way they go about trying to get a good control over Al

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