Al Sobki Production Film Analysis

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In an interview with Mohamad Ramadan about his movie, Mohamad Ramadan said that the goal of the movie was to show the real picture about local regions in Egypt. And also to show that such kinds of business and actions that was done by Abdo are bad and not ethical and definitely will leads to a worst ending. There is no doubt that "Al Sobki Production" is a company that seeks money. All parties concerned in film making are feeling satisfied of this kind of movies because they are gaining millions of dollars through it. Average viewers are interested in a brave character, a crazy song, belly dancer, and action scenes. That 's why new Egyptian movies are gaining a very high profit, people waits for new releases, DVD shops are full of them, social media and magazines are telling us about every single detail about this issue. Regardless of the film makers goal which is earning money, let us consider that there is a certain massage they are trying to deliver it to the audience, which is all the…show more content…
Making such movies for teaching the audience to be angels and never think of doing these actions maybe it can apply on special kind of audience who analyze every scene and search for the message, and not on average people who search in movies for action and violence, and average people are the largest proportion of the theatres seats. The normalization in that is very clear, that the movie hero or character became a hero because of bullying, hitting others, controlling by control as if we are leaving in a forest, so the viewer can do the same things and he will be a hero like the once in the movie. Such movies are showing us that our society is a forest so you should be bad to control and to get

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