Alabama Action Reflection

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Throughout this past week, thanks to Alabama Action, I have discovered the true meaning of a “servant’s heart” and discovered that when like-minded people get together, we can make a huge impact on the community. Servitude is something that is incredibly close to my heart and this week was the perfect introduction to all that the UA Honors College has to offer to help find ways to leave my mark. Coming into this week, we were just a large group of kids from every corner of the country – joined only by our desire to serve and our love for the University of Alabama. But, in just a few short days, we became a community of thinkers, leaders, and dreamers who formed bonds that will last throughout these next few years and beyond. Because I am not from Alabama, I knew that this program was going to be an excellent way to get involved and meet people in a smaller setting before classes start – but I never expected the impact that the people I met this week would have had on me. Whether it was the amazing student leaders or the freshman in my project group at Taylorville, I met some of the most genuine people in my life and they really helped to solidify my view of this school and made me feel like I belong here, like I’m home. It wasn’t just the fact that we spent a majority of this past week together that made us connect, but it was our drive to…show more content…
I now feel more familiar with UA’s campus, and the surrounding Tuscaloosa area, and I know now of all that I can do to make the most of my time here. The relationships and connections made during this past week are going to stay with me well beyond my time here at UA, and I am so grateful to have been apart of this amazing
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