Aladdin And The Picture Book Analysis

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Analysis of the Illustration of “Aladdin” by Walter Crane Saleha Chohan One of the famous and widely known stories mentioned in the Arabian Nights is “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”. Though the Arabian Nights was set in the Arab world, Aladdin was not set to be living in Arabia. Despite its exotic nature that triggers a thought for its Arab-ness, the story takes place in China and so Aladdin is Chinese in reality. Aladdin has been drawn in many picture books over the course of history however, Walter Crane, a British artist is the first to draw it in colors. It is worth noting and analyzing how Crane majestically depicts Aladdin in wood cravings, which merge Chinese features and Japanese essence, relating to Orientalism, Aesthetic Movement and a blend of japonaiserie and chinoiserie.…show more content…
It is known that Arabian Nights has its origin in the eminent city and capital of Abbasid dynasty, Baghdad. In the days of this seventh century time period, the Islamic empire spread its huge cultural sphere from North Africa, India, Arabian Peninsula to Central Asia. Islam coexisted naturally with Christianity and Judaism, as well as Persian culture, Greek Hellenism and Indian civilization influenced its background. The distinctive nature of diversity in Islam accompanied by such cross-cultural activities had a great impact on the setting of “Aladdin and The Wonderful Lamp”. As mentioned earlier, the story is set in China therefore he was a Chinese lad. However, from the depiction of Crane, Aladdin seems to wear a nearly Japanese Karakasa and a Japanese style Kimono. It is a mixture of Japonism as well as

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