Alaina Fisher: Creativity In Art

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Art is the creative side of the mind releasing into a physical object that can inspire people and even its creator in ways that nothing else can. Therefore, creativity is to be used to fascinate others and bring others into the artist’s thoughts, patterns, and world. Alaina Fisher stands by this ideology by seeking to fulfill it within her works. Alaina Fisher seeks to bring fantasy into real life situations. Creativity is not something to be bottled up selfishly but to be expressed and shared with others. The training of Alaina was almost purely self-taught. It started early in her childhood when she started to teach herself how to draw horses at the age of three. All her work paid off when in fifth grade, she achieved what she wanted and dreamed of when she finally drew a horse like the sketches of DaVinci. Recognizing what she could achieve, she once again hungered for something else to master, so she started to learn how to draw people, the hardest image to master. She started the process by working with anime or manga characters, learning their shape, and the movement of the human body. Through hard work and perseverance, she gained acceptance into Ringling College of Art and Design where today she…show more content…
While animation is digitally amazing, for Ms. Fisher there is nothing more magical than an image evolving from a blank piece of paper. Especially images, which make the viewer stop and think. A single piece of artwork, which may have no movement but allows the viewer to imagine what is just beyond the frame. The art of illustration is unique in that the viewer gets to decide the fate of the piece by imagining how it started and how it will end. As an artist, Alaina Fisher enjoys leading the viewer on an imaginative trip in which the viewer can ultimately decide for themselves the direction and impact of her creations upon their personal
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