Alan Clark Operation Barbarossa

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The book “Barbarossa” is written by Alan Clark. It is about the Russian-German conflict that occurred between 1941 and 1945. Alan Kenneth Mackenzie Clark was born on April 13, 1928. He was a British historian and diarist, and was also a Member of the Parliament. He served as a minister for the Department of Employment, Trade, and Defense. Even though Clark started his writing through all different kind of military books involving the two World Wars, he decided to write a military novel called “Barbarossa”, which was an operation to invade the Soviet Union. During World War II, Operation Barbarossa was a code name that was created by Nazi Germany to invade the Soviet Union. On June 22, 1941, when 6,000 German soldiers used guns and tanks to fire across the Russian border, Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa began, which became one of the most gruesome operations in war history. Hitler realized that in the event of Operation Barbarossa, he could crush his way into the Russian heartland and destroy its industry while storing the oil Germany urgently required which would motivate him to lead a large portion of the world. Yet, to do that…show more content…
Hitler set his sights on Russia, generally as Napoleon did. Pretty much as Napoleon fizzled, Hitler would, as well, and this is to a great extent on account of Hitler 's presumptuousness in his own particular methodologies and in addition his inability to adhere to a solitary arrangement of assault. Hitler 's commanders, who were really military specialists while Hitler was a legislator, best case scenario, needed to go straight to Moscow in light of the fact that they knew Stalin would submit every one of his powers to ensuring it, along these lines making it simple to overcome the Red Army; Hitler, be that as it may, framed an alternate arrangement which permitted the Russians breathing
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