Alan Cook Character Analysis

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Mr. Alan Cook is 79 years old and lives with his loving wife, Mary in North Huntingdon, PA. The two have 3 children together. Daughters, Eva and Joann , and son, Paul. Daughter, Joann sadly passed away in 2008. Mr. Cook had a long life. He was the elementary school principal of West Jefferson Hills and retired at the age of 55! He served in the Army National Guard and Medical Service Corps. In his younger years he loved to golf and gamble. Mr. Cook also enjoyed going to Atlantic City with friends. Mr. Cook is a pearl on the Senior Gems scale. He was diagnosed with dementia in 2011, but Mrs. Cook believes he had dementia for a lot longer. Mr. Cook is bedridden and spends most of his day in bed sleeping. Mrs. Cook does get him up occasionally to sit in his wheelchair to eat. He can sit up comfortably for about 2 hours and becomes tired thereafter. His arms and legs are contracted, and when sitting up he leans to the left and has a difficult time looking to the right. He is bowel and urine continent, but wears depends. Caregivers should…show more content…
Mr. Cook is hard of hearing in both ears. He does having hearing aids, but at this time does not wear them. Being that he is a pearl, his ability to communicate with the outside world is limited. He loves to look at photo albums and smiles often when looking at pictures of family and past memories. It’s a great way for him to communicate. He also likes to watch movies on DVD. He really loves musicals and comedies. He often laughs and smiles when watching anything. Mr. Cook also enjoys when people talk about his trips to Atlantic City. Mr. Cook also enjoys sitting in the living room and out on the front porch when weather permits. Caregivers should help engage Mr. Cook in these activities because it is a great way to reach him and help him communicate in ways he can. He does have vision impairments so he might not always be able to see clearly, but he enjoys what he
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