Alan Magee Biography

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Alan Magee was a realistic and also modernist painter in the the '90s who lived in Rockland, Maine (Alan Magee pg.1). His inspiration was driven from either trips he and his wife went on, or the political standings of the time. Even in the middle of one series of paintings, he would stop if a new idea enveloped his mind (Alan Magee 1981-1991, pg. 9-12). Alan Magee 's art work was influenced by many things in his life. Magee was born in Newtown, Pennsylvania 1947 (Alan Magee, Davistown Museum pg. 1). He loved art all through school. In high school his art teacher made him further himself. One way of doing this was to have him draw every student in the 7th grade. She gave Alan a place in the art room to use as his personal space, to…show more content…
He was always inspired by going on trips. One trip in particular, to California, Magee went to paint Southwest Indian ruins. While this was the intention of his journey Alan was impacted more by the political affairs that were going on. He found it hard to concentrate, and saw it as a lie. Magee felt that for him to pretend he felt happy and to just paint these ruins was not being true to himself or his art work. He wanted to paint the political side he was feeling and the disgust that went with those feelings (Alan Magee 1981-1991 pg. 9-10). One of Alan 's personal favorite series was " windowpanes of stone, doors without handles." He made this from his journey to France and Italy; his first show out side of the U.S. was held in France. He was thoroughly entranced by the doors of the homes there. He loved how the doors were so weathered and continually asked himself "What 's on the other side?". That brought out his inner wanderer as he strolled down the small streets of Italy (Alan Magee 1981-1991 pg. 2-3). A favorite quote from Magee I found is "You come so far with people: You know the work and they know the work, and we 're all standing here together. Now it 's my job to walk into the woods a little farther." I think it sums up Alan Magee 's person, how he is always the one to further himself in any way. That every step he takes, leads him in a path of a new inspiration. ( Alan Magee 1981-1991.
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