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This chapter describes the research methods used for assessing the relationship between Alan Moore’s graphic novel readership and the effects, if any, it had on said readership in influencing whatever social or cultural reform that took place after his work’s had been published. This paper’s methodology outlines the set of procedures or method’s used to conduct the research; including the theoretical framework, data collection and data analysis method’s which were used.

Methods Used
The primary methods of research utilised in gathering data were predominantly qualitative. Gathering and analysing research and academic texts on Moore’s work both online and offline, and then compiling and contrasting the varied scholarly opinions on this paper’s
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The rationale for this is due to, not so much to the abundance of primary sources, as they are quite select, but the bias of secondary sources in conducting field research or any form of quantitative study. Ireland being a very small sample pool is even more dilute when considering the graphic novel readership within the country. As such, to conduct…show more content…
Texts are polysemic—they have multiple and varied meanings. However this semantic instability does not mean that readers can make a text mean whatever they wish it to mean. Meaning is derived from the codes, conversations and genres of the text and it’s social, cultural, historical and ideological contexts—which can work together to convey a preferred reading of the text.” (Given, 2008)

Concerning the pros and cons of omitting field research and focussing primarily on textual analysis; this will lend this paper’s area of research a high level of academic validity. As well as this, between multiple textual sources the prevailing messages of Moore’s works as well as their social and cultural implications will emerge. Thereby attaining the mass interpretation as to the effects, if any,

that Alan Moore’s graphic novel have had on his readership in influencing whatever social or cultural reform that took place after his work’s had been published. However, at the same time, the paper will lack any form of quantitative crowd analysis or contemporary public opinion on this

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