Alan Sheopard Quotes

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Alan Sheopard was in my opinion one of the most private people in the space program. No one in the program was more competitive than him in the space program and no one wrote a biography on him. All I know is that he was a person who wanted things in the future and never looked back at mistakes. He just looked forward. I think that this was a guy who knew what space was. He knew it was the last frontier and was willing to take the risk of dying by telling the designers to speed up the rocket so he could be the first human in space. He was delayed by political problems and also safety tests. He was mad at others for this delay and because of it he was not the first human in space. The competitiveness was one of the things that he was most well known for but he also was described as holding his friends at arm length, having utmost privacy, and he also drank martini’s and smoked. I think that he is very interesting and most like me because of his competitiveness.…show more content…
This quote from him sitting in the rocket for four hours until while the engineers fixed his rocket, he said “Why don’t you fix your little problem and light this candle?” Quote from Alan Sheopard, that I think describe’s his character and also is one of the more interesting thing that I have ever heard anyone
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