Alan Turing Character Analysis

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“Am I a hero, or am I a criminal?” He said to police man. This is my favorite moment in the film of “The Imation Game”. I didn’t even know who he was before I saw the film. But after I watched the film, I am really like him. He was born in 23, June 1912 in London and he is a mathematician. He is extremely smart and he is a homosexual. His name is Alan Turing. The film is about that on the second war in the Germany, there is a machine called ignites. This code machine is so difficult that no one can crack it. And England needs to crack this Nazis code to win the war. At this time Alan Turing meets the commander in England to tell him that he wants to crack this enigma machine code. And he starts this work with his team and Joan Elisabeth Clark who passed Alan Turing’s test for working this difficult job. And finally Alan Turing he makes a new machine which can crack the Nazis code. He saved many peoples life and he made England win the war. So he is a big hero. But he is a homosexual and homosexual was illegal in England at that time. So is he criminal or is he a hero? The film starts in the home of Alan Turing. His home is full of…show more content…
Only because he is homosexual, he has to feel this pain and he died 7.june 1954. Just before one moment he is hero, and now he becomes a criminal. This is too horrible to him to feel this to different emotions. I don’t know why homosexual is not legal in the England, but I am sure the hero just like Alan Turing not deserve this treatment. I like him because of his special. It is true that he is different and he is a homosexual, that because of his life. We can not just judge a person because he is different with us, we are human being and we need to understand each other whatever what happened. I am happy nowadays the homosexual is legal. Because everyone is equal and we need to be treated in the same way. And Alan Turing is a hero, he is not a
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