Alan Turing: The History Of Computer Technology

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Introduction Nowadays, the technology develops in a fast rate worldwide. People have to improve themselves in order to follow the step of technology. Otherwise, you will be trap in the past. After the first lecture, I realised that how the computer software works with the computer hardware to progress an instruction. Besides, I also learned that how important and powerful of computer software to help us in our daily life either in our study or in our work. We cannot deny that technology is related with our life. Moreover, I know that to create or develop the software is not easy as we thought. I use it every day as it should be rights however I knew I am wrong. The developer has to carry out a plenty of surveys and researches in order to understand…show more content…
Software also can be defined as programs stored in the memory of stored-program digital computers. It is any set of readable machine instructions that directs a computer's processor in order to perform specific operations. Besides, computer software is divided into two parts which is application software and system software. Furthermore, software is stored in the computer memory which is intangible. The beginning of software In the year of 1935, Alan Turing, a brilliant English Mathematician had released a theory about computer software. He is the first person who comes up with the theory for software in that time. The topic of the essay is computable numbers with an application to the Entscheidungsproblem which had contributed to the technology nowadays. The first software is created with the programming language called machine language which is used binary code to perform the instructions for operations. Application software Application software is a software that designed by the developers according to the users’ demands to perform the activities or task. Application software can be used as a productivity or business tool in order to assist with graphics and multimedia projects, to support home, personal, and educational activities and to facilitate communications. Application software is divided to two categories which are general-purpose application programs and application-specific…show more content…
I他is a type of business software that enables users to create and show highly stylized images for slide shows and reports. The software includes functions for creating various types of charts and graphs and for inserting text in a variety of fonts. Most systems enable you to import data from a spread sheet application to create the charts and graphs. It emphasizes the key points of the topic and it converts the numeric data into graphics displays which allow the readers to understand what you want to present more easier and more clear. For instance, you are a salesman and you want to promote a product to your customers. Now, you can use Microsoft PowerPoint to empower your customers to know about your product and this may increase the percentage of the customers to buy your

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