A Difficult Job Movie Analysis

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The movie is based on a real life character Alan Turing, an extra ordinary, smart and weird looking mathematician who helped British government to break German highly un-cryptable coding program Enigma. The Mathematician along with a group of mathematicians was hired by British Naval Commander Denniston to work on decoding German Enigma at Bletchley Park. The breaking of code was impossible because of the large sums of calculations required to perform to de-crypt any message. In order to resolve the issue, Alan design a Machine named as Christopher (named based on his only childhood friend) which cracked the Enigma Codes. Alan, not only de-crypted the code, but also developed statistical algorithm to use to defeat Germany using selective intelligence to avoid getting caught from German intelligence, who may have known that British have decoded Enigma.
The movie is based on real life facts of professor Alan Turing during the era of World War II. There were many organizational behavior issues in
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In the movie, when Joan Clarke appeared for the job test, she was repeatedly asked to leave the test room as the test attended was thinking that she does not belong or a good fit for the Job. However, she finishes the test even before the allocated time and received the Alan Turing’s appreciation. It was repeatedly mentioned in the movie that the prime responsibility of women is to marry a husband and run family affairs therefore, Joan Clarke was asked by her family to return home and start her own family. Even when she was selected for this high profile job, her parents weren’t allowing her to leave her house and join Bletchley Park. This depicts the gender discrimination of society at that time, who considered women unparallel to men in every field. The discrimination stops the promotion of women in different field of
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