Alan Turing's Accomplishments

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Initially, we began researching the Enigma code and the creation of the Enigma machine. After we began researching, we found Alan Turing, the codebreaker of Enigma, captured our interest because of his untimely demise and unfinished work. Alan Turing was someone that we felt touched many of today 's discussions and was still relevant, such as his work on the the Turing machine, his Turing test, and his biological pattern recognition. We researched Alan Turing and the vast amount of achievements and accomplishments he attained throughout his career. We read several of his biographies, his notes, and his records. We noted that his greatest accomplishments occurred after 1932 during his stay at Bletchley Park. We narrowed our search and…show more content…
The colors that we picked for the board consist of brick wallpaper with mint and cocoa-colored paper. We chose these colors based on how Bletchley Park looked at the time of his stay. We picked the above color scheme based on the reconstruction colors of Bletchley, which occurred in June of 2012. We decided to use a plywood display board. On the board we depicted a timeline that documented important breakthroughs in Alan Turing 's life, along with a sample of his writings containing some of his in-depth research. Additionally, we chose to showcase some of his famous quotes and letters. We believe the items we chose for display give others a glimpse into Alan Turing’s mind as well as the times in which he lived and worked. Alan Turing explored and made improvements in cryptology and artificial intelligence. His explorations led him to encounter war, discrimination, and criticism. His essays were exchanged, studied, and questioned by others. Additions from other mathematicians have been made to his essays over the years as they continue to circulate around the world. His achievements at Bletchley Park saved countless lives during World War II, and without him the war’s outcome could have been quite different. Alan Turing is still important in 2016 because his work is still used, viewed, and
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