Alas Babylon Randy Character Analysis

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Pat Frank’s Alas, Babylon is a work that vividly displays American society’s fears during The Cold War. In the story, many Russian nuclear weapons destroy major American cities. The protagonist, Randy Bragg, is fortunate to have been out of the blast zone during detonation. However, over the course of the novel, Randy must change for his friends, family and his own life. Randy shows physical and mental hardening throughout the novel Alas, Babylon. Before the detonation of nuclear weapons, Randy had many luxuries. However later on he loses them due to the total destruction of many American cities. For example, Randy got into his new Bonneville. It was a sweet car,” (Frank 21). However, later in the story Randy sacrifices his car for his friends, “‘What you’re getting want me to contribute the gas lines out of my Bonneville.’” (Frank 218). Before The Day, Randy wouldn’t have sacrificed his new, nice car for anything. However, The Day has introduced numerous shortages, including gasoline, making the car effectively useless. Randy also gains the wisdom to see this, and allows for the car to be sacrificed for the betterment of his friends and family. This undeniably shows that Randy has hardened over the course of the novel.…show more content…
Earlier in the story, Randy tells Ben Franklin to never point a gun at a man unless he intended to kill him (Frank 137). However later in the story, Randy makes a group of men help bury Porky Logan by holding them at gunpoint (Frank 215). This shows that Randy has hardened mentally because before, Randy wouldn’t point a gun at another man. Yet, later, when Randy is forced to adjust to his rough situation, he contradicts his earlier beliefs, thus showing change. This shows that Randy Bragg has hardened over the course of the
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