Alaska Final Frontier Case Study

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Alaska, the final Frontier
Occupying the position as the 49th state in the United States, Alaska which is also known as the final frontier shares its borders with the country of Canada with the southern region sharing its borders with the British Colombia regions of Canada. The Northern sides of the states are in proximity to the Beaufort seas which form the southern tip of the Arctic sea, while the western and southern regions of the state give away into the Pacific Ocean. The state is the fourth least populous with most of the population of over 750,000 residents of the state residing in the city of Anchorage which is the largest metropolitan region in the state. The climate is very cold owing to its close proximity to the Arctic with the economy being
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It also houses several Radar and Satellite control stations, the whole station is one of the most defensive locations and is crucial to the defensive role of the United States. The base was first established after the removal of the defunct Alaskan railroad and by 1960 showed great technological promise, especially at the height of the cold war; the advanced systems were capable of easily tracking signals in all directions and aided the States with information due to its close proximity with the Russian airspace. The base is set to be devoid of any housing and nearby landmarks in order to prevent any forms of interference, there are several advanced technology radar and satellite scanners easily visible and pick up signals in all directions. The base housing is problematic due to the low number of buildings on site to prevent interference; however, active personnel are often set up in hotels along with their family till housing is

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