Alaska Young Character Analysis Essay

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The Characters Miles Halter Miles, the hero of the novel, is a quite normal teenager and is obsessed with peoples' last words. He wasn't social in Florida and he would rather be reading biographies than socializing with others. But then, he starts to go to the boarding school Culver Greek because he can't stand the safe life he had before and he also wants to find out his own "Great Perhaps". He finds himself in hard situations because he is very confused and very insecure about himself. He also falls so easily for Alaska after she pays attention on him which is not something he's used to. We can tell that Miles is a follower instead of a leader, and this is why he becomes extremely good friends with Chip "The Colonel" who is the leader and who knows always what he wants. Miles' friends at Culver Greek call him "Pudge" because he's skinny and tall. Alaska Young She's one of the most important characters in this book, as we can understand from the title of the book. The story mostly revolves around her and her mystery. She is beautiful, funny, clever, wild, unpredictable and also self-destructive. She's the most complex character in the entire book. She's flirty and even tough she has a boyfriend, she constantly flirts with Miles. Alaska is rarely in the same mood for an entire day. When she is in a good mood,…show more content…
She is Alaska's friend and becomes ex-girlfriend of Miles. She's helpful and nice. Alaska notices her interest to Miles when she tries to flirt with him, so Alaska arranges a triple-and-a-half-date in order to bring Miles and Lara together. The problem in the relationship of Lara and Miles is that they don't talk. Lara is like Miles, she is a thinker rather than a talker in contrast to Alaska who is talker and a thinker. Lara forgives Miles after what he has done to her because she's that big-hearted and understanding. However, Miles never stops loving Alaska and Lara never gets a place in Miles'
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