Albano Beriberi Use Innovative Assistive Technologies For Blind People

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1 It helps people who have disabilities to be able to write their own papers , and even sometimes it helps them be able to speak a little. It helps children with disabilities be able to do their homework too.

2 It demonstrate that they are not just labeled with the disability they have , but instead it shows them that they can easily do just as much and as good as the other children can do. I do believe that assistive technology really does help children and parents alike .

3 Vishal is the most interesting teen , because I find him te be determined to reach his goals , like go to college and be the president of the summer k through 12 student body.


1 Albano Beriberi used innovative assistive technologies for blind people. It applies to a universal design because it can be actually used by blind people. His ways for learning were used to teach the blind. He was the one to give the idea that educational opportunities can be leveled through technology.
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I’s a great experience for the child when they make contact with people it really helps and benefits them to get the different opportunities that are taken for granted by people who do not have disabilities. Plus , a really positive event for the entire

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