Albert Bandura's Self And Social Cognitive Theory

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Self is a center of an individual universe. Every individual has his own self-identity and place in the society.According to Baumeister," self is the individual 's belief about himself or herself including the person 's attributes and who and what the self is ' '.The researcher explores the social and environmental factors which lead to the transformation of the protagonist in the Faithful. Social cognitive theory is the most influential psychological theory of the modern time. This theory is presented by the leading and distinguished psychologist Dr. Albert Bandura. He critically observes the human behavior and personality. He figures out the authoritative and dominating factors that shape the person 's personality, thinking, cognition and motivational processes. According to Mulhollem,"Bandura simply observing the others and incorporating this concept into his theory". Social cognitive theory is a crust of the psychosocial, cognitive and behavior processing. This theory clearly asserts the humanistic elements such as individuality, contemplative self-awareness and cogitative reaction. Moreover, Social Cognitive Theory is a strategy for changing, predicting and understanding the individual 's behavior. It analyzes the extrinsic and intrinsic factors. The three main components that this theory incorporates are the personal, social and behavioral stimulus. These factors completely altered the identity and personality of an individual. Thus this theory investigates
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