Advantages And Disadvantages Of Being Free Essay

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At some stage of life daily actions, paths that are followed by every person make him or her stop for a while and ask a question: “Do all these daily gestures imply freedom? Am I really free? In what way?”. In order to be completely free or to do something of one`s own free will, human beings have to abstain from following the crowd and acting in a way that society requires from them. Going beyond the society`s limitations, one can acquire freedom. These limitations can include common laws, stereotypes by which a person`s activities are incontestably governed. Indeed, being free, in other words, going beyond those limitations exposes from people`s experiences of their choices or preferences. Here experiences of choices are quite important because…show more content…
This idea of freedom implies that people can give directions to their lives by defining certain goals and stepping up to them. By doing so, people are enforced to fit the image designed by society. However, Camus tries to explain that the society`s image of oneself, those defined goals prevent people from attaining real freedom because freedom is the ability to think and act as they choose. At some stage of life, the chain of daily actions collapses. Here weariness begins, and people start seeking a meaning in everything they do. As the rhythm followed by most of the time becomes weary, a man encounters the absurd and realizes that the freedom he might have experienced till now, in fact, is not a real one. A man who imagines a purpose to his life, adapts himself to this purpose and thus he turns out to be the slave of his own liberty until he realizes that, indeed liberty does not exist. In the essay, Camus underlines the idea that by abandoning purpose, or some role to fulfill, a man can attain the real freedom which can be experienced to the
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