Albert Camus 'The Stranger'

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Close Reading - The Stranger In The Stranger, Albert Camus depicts a man, Meursault, who is emotionless to the situations that surround him. After committing a murder, he gets put on trial and is deemed as a danger to society, and therefore, gets sentenced to a death sentence. However, this decision was not made due to rational reasons but from false accusations on Meursault’s character and motives. In the passage, Camus uses point of view to portray how the people in the courtroom perceived Meursault the way they wanted him to act. Although the lawyer defending Meursault is supposed to defend Meursault’s side, he goes beyond that by “saying ‘I’ whenever he was speaking about [Meursault]” (Camus 103). By offering an interpretation of Meursault’s
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