Albert Einstein Character Traits

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Albert Einstein by Karin Ireland tells the story of Albert Einstein’s life. Albert Einstein was an incredibly smart scientist who was born in Germany. He made many observations including finding a flaw in one of Isaac Newton’s laws, a law about gravity pulling on things without mass. After many years of hard work and negativity directed at him, he finally became successful and famous for all his findings and intelligence. Albert Einstein was a very successful man for being inquisitive, intelligent, and devoted. One character trait of Albert Einstein that he couldn’t have become so successful without was him being so inquisitive. While at school, he was always bored out of his mind because the lessons were always too easy and boring.…show more content…
Many people grow to be intelligent by studying and learning so much in school. But even at a young age, Albert was an incredibly intellectual person in a logical sense. He may not have been able to walk until three years old, but in school, he was incredibly accelerated. “By the time he was 13, Albert was reading and understanding scientific material that many adults would have found impossible to follow” (Ireland 7). This shows that Albert Einstein is intelligent because it shows how gifted he was above all people. He understood things many people older than him didn’t even understand. This is important because it shows how much potential and intelligence he had even at a young age that lead him to be so successful. Throughout his growing of age, he gained more knowledge through more studying and investigating during his off time. He began to grow so intelligent that even the most talented and famous scientist could’ve been corrected by him. “Finally, on November 6, the president of the Royal Astronomical Society of England made a public announcement that the photographic plates had confirmed Einstein‘s prediction. The rays of light were bent as they passed close to the sun” (Ireland 42). This shows that Albert Einstein is intelligent because he had figured out a flaw in an incredible scientist’s law about science. This is important because it shows how he was intelligent enough to disregard that everyone thought something was right, and still be able to prove them wrong. This shows how intelligent Albert Einstein was and how it lead him to be incredibly
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