How Did Albert Einstein Influence The World

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Albert Einstein was the most influential person in the making of the atomic bomb. His theory of relativity E=MC2 and other theories he made were the most influential in discoveries scientists made about energy and its forms. Albert Einstein left behind the biggest legacy ever. Albert Einstein was born March, 14th 1879 in Ulm Württemberg Germany. Einstein’s parents Hiswere Hermann Einstein and Pauline Einstein. He was known for making many theories based on physics his most well known one E=MC2. Einstein is also considered as one of the most influential physicists and leaders of the 19th and 20th century. Einstein is considered as the most influential leaders of the 19th and 20th century. You may ask why was he such influential leader well let me tell you why. Einstein was very well known for developing and explaining theories his most well known theory is his special theory of relativity E=MC2. E=MC2 stands for Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared so what it is basically saying is that even a small amount of mass like a pebble is equivalent to a large amount of energy like pure energy (which can only be created with anti-matter) and vice versa. This is the equation that has been printed on countless T-shirts mugs its on bumper stickers there is also a 9 foot tall statue of it in the front yard of…show more content…
Einstein left behind the biggest legacy ever not only did he change scientists thoughts on physics forever but he answered many questions scientists had based around physics and energy. Einsteins legacy also includes him indirectly helping Robert Oppenheimer create the atomic bomb with his special theory of relativity that helped because in a way it says a large amount of energy can be released from a small amount of
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