Essay On Albert Einstein Hairstyle

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How about a hairstyle today? I strongly suggest the “Albert Einstein” style. Some people might think it would be bizarre, but it is doubtless that Frank would like it and you will be a good friend with him. Mr. Vargas hair was messed up like Einstein’s and Frank was absolutely captivated with it.
Before the “Einstein” Incident happened, Frank was incredulous of Mr. Vargas and didn’t want to be with him. He even had hostility toward Mr. Vargas and wouldn’t assent Mr. Vargas to go on an adventure with him. However, since the “Einstein” incident, Frank and Mr. Vargas became good companions.
When Alice went to see Mr. Vargas and noticed him that she and Frank were going out. He was untidy and his hair was a mess. Frank saw Mr. Vargas’s hair and was mesmerized with it. Frank was very straight forward when he spoke, like a child who doesn’t know how to be sarcastic and when he said something, he genuinely meant it. Frank said, “I like what you’ve done with your hair.” (Johnson 248). Because of Mr. Vargas’ hairstyle, Frank got interested in him and dressed him like Einstein. He gave his fake mustache and his mother’s cardigan and let Mr. Vargas wear it. Also, Frank said that he shouldn’t wear socks because Einstein didn’t wear socks. After he dressed up like Albert Einstein, Frank was satisfied with his results and ended up inviting Mr. Vargas to his
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Vargas could get along each other. After Frank accepted him as his friend, he got close with Mr. Vargas rapidly. During their way to the mall, Frank and Mr. Vargas had a lengthy conversation and Frank respected him. Through the conversation with Mr. Vargas, Frank earned a companion that he could rely on. Also, Alice introduced Mr. Vargas to Frank that Mr. Vargas is the gentleman she mentioned, that made Frank to imitate Mr. Vargas, acting like a gentleman. He could learn some manners and socialization from Mr. Vargas. Mr. Vargas made Frank to feel more comfortable and
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