How Einstein Changed The World

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Albert Einstein is known to be responsible for a scientific discovery that changed the world forever. Energy is equal to mass multiplied by the speed of light squared. This equation has changed the world in many ways by teaching us how mass and energy are related as well as mass is converted to total energy. It all began in the early 1800s when scientists thought of mostly forces instead of energy. This movie summarized the story of how the equation E= mc^2 was created, along with many other scientific discoveries. This movie talked about Michael Faraday who saw himself as a servant to science. He wanted to find God’s hidden mysteries within science and found it rather interesting how a compass deflected at right angles. It all was discovered when scientists realized there were invisible forces. This lead to a great revolution in physics. Faraday became a professor and studied electro magnetism, learning light is an electrostatic magnet wave. He even came up with the idea of energy. He later…show more content…
I found it very inspiring that these ordinary people became well known in the world of science because of their hard work and passion towards the subject. They each developed a love for science that lead to new discoveries that shape our world today. Some of the people that played a role in this movement had normal jobs and were not scientists by profession; however, they used all the time that they had on the weekends to learn as much as they could about the subject’s matter. Utilizing our time is a vital habit to learn in life. It was also very inspiring how such small discoveries made a big impact. To make the big impact it took a lot of trial and error. It took integrity to admit when they are wrong, and humility to be open to how things actually are in the world of science. It shows how they didn’t give up on their discoveries and how determined they were to find
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