Aristotle's Theories On The Relationship Between Time And Space

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Time is a mystery. There have been several theories about what is time Aristotle's, for example, that he believed that time is a relation. Isaac Newton believed that time and space existed and that time is absolute. However, none of both could really explain their theories, until Albert Einstein came around, he discovered a certain connection between time and space. The profound link between motion through space and the passage of time, according to Einstein, meant that time itself runs slower for a person in motion. Motion impact on time is so little people on Earth can’t experience it. An experiment to prove this came out in 1971, when different scientists border a plane with an atomic clock, while other scientist used one on the ground. Even though the clocks were hundreds of seconds apart, this proved that motion does have an effect on the passage of time. Space and time needed to be considered one thing, according to Einstein, which led him to come to the conclusion that past, present and future may be only an illusion. If you were on space, every moment through the entire universe, could be seen as a event or…show more content…
Pair them, then separate them, and put them on either side of the planet. Stimulate particle A, and particle B will react without any perceivable time delay.”, this theory is called the Quantum Theory. The theory states that time does not exist since everything happens in the present time. It also states that if two particles (A, B), get paired and after that separated, and located on either side of the planet, simultaneously, particle A and particle B will react without any time delay. This means that even though the same particles are in two different parts of the world and have no connection to each other, they will still act the same way without having a gap in time or for time to go faster at one point and stay the same in the other corner of the
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