Albert Einstein: The Cause Of Nuclear Warfare

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One of the most influential scientists of his century, Albert Einstein, will forever be the cause of nuclear warfare. It is hard to predict that a successful scientist could be responsible for millions of deaths. Despite having the best intentions, Einstein prompted the United State’s race to nuclear arms. With his signature on a letter warning the United States of Germany’s false progression of their atomic research influenced the government 's decision to create an atomic bomb which would be used later to destroy a japanese city, resulting in millions of deaths. Due to Albert Einstein 's fear for the safety of the United States, he prompted the destruction of other nations. Despite Einstein’s good intentions, his suggestion led to the destruction…show more content…
The letter that was written by Einstein convinced President Truman to create a special team of scientists to investigate Einstein’s claim. Within a few months, The United States created, tested, and launched the atom bomb. It’s first military use was during World War two on Japan. As the New York Times put it, “First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan; Missile is Equal to 20,000 Units of Tnt; Truman Warns Foe of a 'Rain of Ruin '.” First Atomic Bomb Dropped on Japan; Missile is Equal to 20,000 Units of tnt; Truman Warns Foe of a 'Rain of Ruin '” displaying the devastating situation and America 's view on it (Hersey). Nothing in the article mentioned or even hinted at Einstein’s involvement in the creation of the deadly bomb that claimed more than 80,000 Japanese lives. The public still did not know of Einstein’s involvement in the making of the atom bomb. All of this happened due to Einstein 's fear of the safety of America. However, this result was not part of Einstein’s intentions. When he was informed of the result of his research, he defends himself by saying, “Ach! The world is not ready for it. Had I known that the Germans would not succeed in develop­ing an atomic bomb, I would have done nothing for the bomb.” illustrating how his intentions were not to create this form of destruction (Lapp). By stating that the United States
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