Albert Einstein's Theory Of Time Dilation

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Time Dilation
In Albert Einstein’s theory of special relativity, it is stated that an object at rest would perceive time slower than an object that is in motion. This theory is called time dilation. There are two known types of time dilation, gravitational and length contraction.
Time dilation was born out of Einstein's theory of special relativity. Before Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity had been developed, the scientific world relied on theories such as Isaacs Newton's laws of planetary motion. The main idea of this theory is that anything in motion had to have a source of propulsion and a medium to travel in. When scientist started to understand that light is also an energy and requires no medium to travel in, Newton’s laws started
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In 1971, Joseph C. Hafele and Richard E. Keating set out to prove physically, Einstein's theory of time dilation. They selected three high precision atomic clocks. Two of the clock were left at the United States Naval Observatory, while the other two were placed planes. The clocks were flown around the earth two times. When compared with the clock at the naval base, the times on the clock that had been on the planes were slower than the naval bases clock. This was the first documented proof of Einstein's theory of time dilation. The experiment is known today as the Hafele–Keating experiment. After this scientific experiment proved Einstein's theory of special relativity, it was widely accepted into the scientific community.
The most common form of time dilation humans can experience is gravitational time dilation. Earth has a gravitational pull of 9.807 m/s². Theoretically, this gravitational pull produces what we understand to be time. Since the amount of time we perceive to have passed is based on our perspective. Add speed our gravity and time does not change, just our perspective of
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The different gravitational pulls of the four types of stars show the different effects on space-time. The first star is our star in th center of the solar system referred to as the sun. The last star is a neutron star. Neutron stars are extremely dense star with a gravitational pull of two hundred billion times that of Earth. If a person lived on the sun in the center of our solar systems, and then traveled to a neutron star and lived there for one year, when the person went back to the sun he left, hundreds of years would have passed. The reason time stops at the black hole’s event horizon is because there is a complete tear in the fabric of space-time. The tear is caused be the extreme gravitational pull. This is called singularity. Singularity is defined as a point where anything takes an infinite value. The area after the event horizon would be an example of
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