Who Is Albert Goering: Who Honored?

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It all started September 1st, 1939, when the Second World War occurred and ruined the lives of many Jews, Germans, and other people who were included in the war. There were many heroes though, and one of them is Albert Goering. He did so many courageous things to save the Jews, he blossomed and surprised many people, his brother being one of them. He tricked, killed, and saved quite a bit of citizens. He couldn’t save everyone, but the ones he did save are very grateful that they got to live to see the sun another day. Babies were burned in fires like they were nothing, families were separated and never got to see each other, the weak were killed while the strong were used for labor. They were starved and beaten, who has the guts to do that? Who is so heartless that they kill newborns? Not me,…show more content…
Some people may call him crazy, but I think he is very brave for fighting for the lives of Jews and other people that were being put in those camps. “The younger brother of Hermann Goering is being considered for an honor given to those who saved the lives of Jews during the Holocaust.” He is so amazing that he was nominated and given an award for saving all of those lives, he may not be alive today, but he will be remembered for all of the things he did for all of those people. After the war, many lives were permanently changed, some scarred. Albert had a beautiful wife, named Mila, and they had a child, name unknown, but they were divorced after the war. His life was destroyed because of all the things that had happened to him during the war, “..Albert Goering found it hard to shake off the stigma of the family name and became depressed and alcoholic after the war.” He and his brother, Hermann, became somewhat close again, but their relationship was never the

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